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Moving ISV Apps in a Sales 2.0 World – What a Difference an ‘A’ Makes

An application packaged as a VA of 40+ Gigs is going to be 10 to 100 times smaller as a VAA

Innovative technology deserves new words. Back when "EJB" was the new shiny, bright center of Java standards, I was part of the team that created "ESB" - both the moniker and the market. It was a natural for me to christen AppZero's patented, OS-free server application virtualization technology "Virtual Application Appliance" (VAA). Why VAA? To compare with, and contrast against, the well-established "Virtual Appliance" (VA) concept. To both build on the known and to differentiate from it.

The compare part is that packaged either as a VA or a VAA, applications travel fully configured and arrive at their destination ready to run - for instant deployment. The contrast part is that, whereas VAs travel on a Virtual Machine (VM) complete with a fully functioning OS, AppZero VAAs travel OS-free.

The difference that the contrast makes? Let me count the ways:

  • An application packaged as a VA of 40+ Gigs is going to be 10 to 100 times smaller as a VAA
  • Sending a 40+ GB file over a network with an average file transfer rate of 1 GB every 4 hours - is measured in days; AppZero's VAAs will most likely make the same trip over lunch (see my last blog: (Size matters for apps on the move: physics for ISVs and IaaS providers)
  • Sending Microsoft OS around in VA/VMs is pretty much prohibited by Redmond-crafted license agreements. For that reason, of the 1667 matches found on VMware's Virtual Appliance Marketplace today, you will find many, many, many Linux based VAs. Windows? Not one.
  • Sending applications that run on Microsoft OS, in AppZero VAA OS-free packages, is quick, easy, and Microsoft compliant.

Put another way, AppZero VAAs let Microsoft-based ISVs deploy their applications across a network for instant PoCs and demos. Something they can't do with VAs. And, while we're in the VMware and Microsoft neighborhoods, let me mention that AppZero VAAs are hypervisor and cloud agnostic - happy on any machine (physical or virtual), anywhere (datacenter, private or public cloud).

Which brings me to Sales 2.0. Debate over the definition of Sales 2.0 fuels blogs. But, by any name, successful sales for ISVs in today's technology-shaped economy require that an application be readily accessible to its buying public, at a click of a mouse.

When an ISV uses the OS-free AppZero VAA approach, the application arrives swiftly, and ready-to-run - requiring no installation. The potential customer sees hassle-free implementation and can concentrate on using an application - not the laborious process of installation and configuring it.

And that just makes plain old-fashioned good business sense for ISVs. I'll take a look at some of the specific Sales 2.0 benefits in my next blog. In the meantime, check out our ISV Accelerator, or join us for a brief webinar Thursday, May 12th: "ISVs: Provision your App in a Snap for Labor-free PoCs"

I'm always looking for ways to sharpen my discussions.  So, if you have thoughts on this subject, drop me a line at GregO {@} Appzero {dot} com or tweet me at

Register to attend the May 12 Webinar, "ISVs: provision your app in a snap for labor-free PoCs"

Catch 22 for ISVs: Your money comes from selling software, not from demoing it or from proving the concept. But reality requires that you first do the labor-intensive, revenue-free work that is proof of concept (PoC) and demo. Give AppZero 30 minutes to show you how our patented software can strip the labor required to configure and implement your PoCs and demos - whether on site or in the cloud -- reducing the time from hours and days, to minutes. Join us May 12th at 1:00 to learn how to boost the bottom line without changing your business model or technology of choice. Register now>>

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Greg O'Connor is President & CEO of AppZero. Pioneering the Virtual Application Appliance approach to simplifying application-lifecycle management, he is responsible for translating Appzero's vision into strategic business objectives and financial results.

O'Connor has over 25 years of management and technical experience in the computer industry. He was founder and president of Sonic Software, acquired in 2005 by Progress Software (PRGS). There he grew the company from concept to over $40 million in revenue.

At Sonic, he evangelized and created the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) product category, which is generally accepted today as the foundation for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Follow him on Twitter @gregoryjoconnor.